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SafeMode: supporting regional salons return to work

Mode Training has launched the SafeMode campaign to help salons in the region adapt to the new health and safety guidelines ahead of reopening. In an industry where social distancing is a true challenge, hair and beauty professionals have been worst hit by the pandemic.

Training webinars

The Mode team has been working hard to help the hairdressing sector prepare for an imminent return to work. Our outreach started with a focus on salons that employ Mode students but has now embraced other businesses in Liverpool City Region’s hair and beauty sector.

The entire Mode team has been getting up to speed with Government guidance, exploring and reviewing the challenges to the sector. Our support for local salons has included running a series of training webinars.

These virtual training sessions focus on infection control. Course content covers the steps required when returning to work, and a recap on hygiene processes. During the webinar, salons have the opportunity to share views on how to manage different situations that may arise. For example, what to do if a client shows symptoms of Covid-19.

All that glitters is not gold

As part of salons’ risk assessment process, Mode recommends they try out one of the most potent exercises, the glitter test. Here, staff role-play walking into the salon and move around as if they are a client, taking off their coats, using gowns, having a cup of tea and so on.  They do all of this wearing a pair of gloves covered in glitter. This is a highly effective exercise to demonstrate how easily contamination can occur.


When salons reopen, gaining customer confidence is vital and directly linked to maintaining strict rules for protecting against the virus. For example, regular handwashing and maintaining social distance where possible. Mode Training has launched the SafeMode campaign featuring communications materials designed to help salons reassure their customers and inspire confidence.

Two SafeMode posters are available free of charge to salons. One is a visual affirmation that the salon has followed the Government’s five critical steps for a safe workplace. The salon owner signs the bottom of the poster and displays in a prominent position to show compliance. The second poster is an outline of steps the salon has taken to ensure staff and client safety. Additionally, it provides a clear indication of what is expected of the client to maintain this high level of safety.

So, salon commitments include adapting the salon to comply with social distancing as much as possible, and daily deep cleaning of workstations. Other examples include the use of PPE, and no products or equipment shared between staff. Customers meanwhile are asked to help minimise the risk of infection by not taking children or friends with them to appointments. Also, they are asked to turn up on time and pay online before their appointment if possible.

Debbie Tagoe, Director at Mode, says:

“We are committed to helping the sector get back up and running. Planning is key to ensuring salons are confident to open the doors as soon as the time comes. We have extended our help across The Liverpool City Region and will continue to support the sector as a whole.”

Any salons wanting free copies of our Safe Mode campaign materials to display can email