Remote education offer

From the outset of  the coronavirus pandemic. Wherever possible, Mode has continued to provide face to face training. Always in line with the latest government guidance.

Where this is not possible. Our offer will be adapted to online delivery. The online platform used will be dependant on the sector and curriculum offer.  

Hairdressing Apprenticeship

Delivery will continue online via Zoom.

Your tutor will deliver practical and theory sessions. Resources used include:

  • Membership to My Hairdresser 
  • Slide shows/ power points
  • Assignments/workbooks
  • Tutor demonstrations/workshops
  • Industry specialists career guidance and support
  • Online E Portfolio One File 
  • Formative assessments

All apprentices are supported with “live” tutor sessions. Using your online portfolio OneFile and Zoom.  In addtion, you will have access to e mail and telephone support from your tutor.  

Photographs of your work will be used as formative assessment evidence.  And, it can be used to show progress. And your ability in readiness for summative assessment. 

Oral questioning/professional discussion will replace end of unit tests. This will allow all apprentices to continue to show progress.  

Functional Skills  

If you are working towards maths and english functional skills. Online sessions will be delivered alongside your hairdressing sessions. 

Your sessions will be delivered via Zoom sessions. Naturally occuring opportunities to improve your maths and english skills will be identified throughout your hairdressing sessions.  

Functional skills delivery will be supported by:  

  • Slide shows
  • Powerpoint presentations 
  • Workbooks
  • Student tasks

All apprentices have access to support via their One File account.  And tutor e mail and telephone support.

Music Technology Adult Learning

Your course will continue to be delivered via Zoom both as group sessions and 1:1.  

Depending on the level of your course. Sessions will take place 2/3 days per week.

Sessions will include

  • Production sessions using Ableton Live
  • Working with various genres
  • Sample packs are available to all students
  • How to source VST’s
  • Creating music and sampling
  • Use of Rekordbox

Enrichment sessions to all cohorts 

Enrichment sessions will be a part of all students programme. Sessions are uploaded to OneFile and Google classroom.  The sessions will include:

  • Careers advice and guidance from industry specialists
  • Safety Online
  • Mental health awareness
  • Wellbeing
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Topical news items


Examinations for functional skills will continue to take place. Mode is a covid safe environment.  Adhering to government safety advice.  In addition, all staff have had covid safety training.

Sitting your functional skills exams on time will ensure you continue to make progress.

Social Media

Mode have in excess of 25,000 followers across social media platforms.  Students are encouraged to tag and share their work. As a result, student engagement increases.

Online learning agreement

Some or all of your learning may now take place online. Ultimately, this is a learning environment and the following rules should be followed:

The tutor will:

  • Start the session on time
  • Plan the session as they would a face to face session
  • Dress appropriately and identify themselves at the beginning of the session
  • Ensure resources are available
  • Maintain control of the online session
  • Follow all Mode policies and procedures, including safeguarding

Students will:

  • Join sessions 5 minutes before start
  • Participate fully in sessions
  • Give full attention to sessions
    • No mobile telephone, radio or TV on
  • Show respect to tutors and fellow students
  • Dress appropriately for a lesson
  • Avoid the use of any offensive language or gestures
  • Use video options as required for participation in the session

Online behaviours agreement

Whilst a Mode student, you are a representative of our organisation.  We expect our students to behave respectfully and professionally and this extends to online.  If posting online content, students should:

  • Remain respectful
  • Be tolerant of the beliefs of others
  • Refrain from bullying
  • Avoid spreading false information
  • Protect themselves from harm
  • Report any concerns
  • Not alter any online content provided for the use of all students

Students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning

We have a laptop loan service. Wifi data dongles are available for students with no online connectivity.

Vulnerable students

Additional support is in place to ensure those classed as vunerable may attend the centre safely.