Private Music Production and DJ Sessions

DJ with controller

1:1 sessions

You will attend your private music production and dj sessions sessions at The Secret Warehouse. Sessions are taught on a 1:1 basis. And cost £35 per hour. Tailored to your skills level and are suitable for all ages.

DJ sessions

There is a variety of equipment you can choose to work with. Equipment includes laptop DJ controllers and industry standard Pioneer 3000’s. In addition tutors are industry professionals, who have worked locally, nationally and internationally.

Production 1:1 sessions

Suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Whatever your production goals are. We have you covered. Whether it is mash ups, remixes or original tracks you are producing.

Our tutors have a vast range of knowledge and experience producing music using Ableton Live. Ensuring, Whatever you want to achieve on your music production journey, we can help you.

Saturday group sessions ad DJ Camps

Saturday group sessions are a great way for young DJ’s to improve their skills. With the sessions catering for 8 to 16 year olds. Beginners have the opportunity to learn from both their tutor and peers. In addition, the more experienced DJs showcase their skills, whilst supporting less experienced DJ’s.

Sessions build confidence. And are delivered in a supportive environment. Allowing young DJs to bond through their love of music.

Kids DJ Camps are the highlight of the school holidays for lots of our regulars. Everyone participates in different practical activities across the week and learn a variety of skills from music production to DJ skills.

Successful guest DJ’s join us for Q&A sessions during the week and sharing their journey.  The sessions inspire your children to pursue careers in the music industry. And provides an opportunity to explore various careers.

No experience needed

No experience is required. We work at your level to help build your skills and confidence. Guiding you each step of your journey. No headphones, music or equipment are necessary for your lessons.

You can sign up here or if you would like more information e mail