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Keep on trend with a Mode hairdressing apprenticeship

Train as a hairdresser, and you are expected to keep your finger on the pulse of fashion.  Hair trends come and go each year, or even each season, so knowing what’s hip and what’s not boosts your credibility.

Start with Mode as an apprentice, and you will pick up top tips from our tutors. You will take that experience into the salon for real-world experience. As a mode apprentice, you’ll train and work in one of the top salons we work with across the region.

Being creative and quick to adapt skills to deliver trends as they come and go something Mode hairdressing apprentices learn to excel at. It forms an integral part of our level 2 and level 3 Apprenticeship hairdressing training programmes.

Mode students, tutors and the salons we work with have been discussing the hairstyles and hairdressing services that are currently in high demand.  The following hair fashions give a feel for the diversity you will have the opportunity to embrace as a hairdresser.

Playful Colour

Fast fashion extends to hair.  Playful colour is all about bright and unusual shades, but it may not be permanent. Many products on the market allow the salon visitor to colour hair temporarily. This could be for an event like a festival or wedding or just for a night out. The beauty industry is booming, and hair fashion remains at the centre of it.

Blunt Bob

Carrie from Little Mix is one of the A-listers who are proud to be blunt. At the Leeds Festival this summer she took on a whole new persona, going the full hog with a blue hue too. It was actually a wig, but a great example of what real-life clients ask for. When you train as a Mode hairdresser, you never know what request will walk in the door next.

Haute Couture

Forget the catwalks of Paris, haute fashion is on the streets of Merseyside. Beautifully designed hair accessories have long been the penchant of British brides. But now, it’s perfectly acceptable to don some glitter and glitz pieces away from the aisle.  At the Oscars this year we saw bows, ribbons and bands. A client may ask you to design the style around the accessory, so Mode tutors give you plenty of inspiration in training sessions.

Polished Perfection 

These are silky smooth styles.  They are gliding back into the spotlight: often tied back or tamed and literally not a hair out of place. Train as a hairdresser with Mode, and you will be able to deliver the sleek and shiny look without hair looking greasy.  We’ll show you how to style it and set it, so your client feels fabulous all day, or night, long. At the same time, you will be setting yourself off on a career that is more technical and rewarding than most people realise.

Super Straight

It sounds easy, but keeping the hair in good condition while being a slave to the straighteners is not without its challenges.  Sleek, straight hair has been back in style for a while, paired with a middle or side parting. This is actually a renaissance from the 1990s when everybody sported the look!  As a hairdresser, though, you have to give your clients the right advice. So if their hair is in bad condition or they suit their natural curls most, it might be left to you to break the news.

Natural Movement

The great thing about the 21st Century is that literally, anything goes! Remember, you can encourage your clients to work with what they’ve been given naturally. Natural curl is a low maintenance style if your client has damaged their hair over the summer or does not have much time to preen their locks.  Soft curls are acceptable with or without a fringe, and straightening just the ends gives the tousled beachy look all year round.

When you start to train as a hairdresser, you can progress from a Level 2 to a Level 3 Apprenticeship.  On the job training, boosted by our in-centre sessions, gives you plenty of hands-on practice.  During your training, you can expect to learn to master all of the above trends and more. Who knows what will be gracing the catwalks next year and end up walking right into your hairdresser’s chair?

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