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Top 10 reasons why you should choose Mode for your hairdressing apprenticeship

Are you looking to enter into the exciting world of hairdressing? Read on for our top 10 reasons why you should choose Mode for your hairdressing apprenticeship

1. Local salons are waiting to employ you NOW!

We work with some of the best hairdressing salons across the Liverpool City Region. Above all, every salon is visited and vetted ensuring they meet our expected standard of exceptional training and support for our apprentices.

2. You will attend day release in our state-of-the-art salon in The Secret Warehouse

You will attend 1 day per week for your off-the-job training, here at our modern training salon in The Secret Warehouse.  Surrounded by like-minded creative businesses across various sectors. During your time in college, you will meet new friends and even have the opportunity to land yourself on one of our Made@Mode  case studies.

3. You will work towards the prestigious Level 2 Hair Professional standard, with progression to Level 3 available

You will be working towards Level 2 Hair Professional, learning how to:

  • Provide a positive impression of yourself
  • Health and Safety
  • Consultation with clients
  • Shampoo and condition hair and scalp
  • Cut hair using a variety of techniques
  • Colour hair using a variety of techniques
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of a range of tools and equipment
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of new and emerging trends, hairstyles, tools, and equipment

4. You will be taught by our highly qualified industry hairdressing specialist tutors

All Mode tutors are highly qualified industry specialists with a wealth of industry knowledge.  We pride ourselves in employing tutors who reflect the apprentices we teach in terms of  Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Disability.   In addition, all of our tutors have been in your position and worked through an apprenticeship in hairdressing with local salons.

5. You could make a name for yourself and WIN our annual celebration of achievement

Every year we hold our Annual Celebration of Achievement.  Apprentices across the college participate in competitions throughout the evening while the audience are entertained by our music technology students and local performing artists.  Gaining experience at a local hairdressing competition will give you the confidence to enter national and international competitions.

6. You will have a job for life

According to Hairdressers Journal. “Even in tough economic times, people need to get their hair cut. Furthermore, In terms of job security, hairdressers and undertakers are pretty much guaranteed a job for life! Keep up your training and education, stay up to speed with trends and grow your network, and you’ll never be short of work.”

7. Hair salons are the happiest places to work

Survey after survey finds hairdressers love their job and it is one of the happiest jobs you can have.  Being able to showcase your talent, and receiving praise and admiration from your clients is great for your ego and happiness level.  What is not to love about making a client feel amazing about themselves. Hairdressers also love to socialise with each other.

8. Travel the world

Once you complete your apprenticeship, the world really is open to you.  During your apprenticeship, you will receive good quality information advice and guidance on the global careers available to you.  You may want to work as a hairdresser on a cruise ship, or travel on film sets as a freelance stylist or even enter into the world of hairdressing retail and sell products for international brands.  Whatever route you choose one thing is for sure your hairdressing skills will help you along the way!

9. Flexibility to work your hours

Once qualified you will have the option to decide on your next steps.  You might want to rent a chair in a salon or own your own salon, you could even work on film sets freelance or even become a mobile hairdresser.   Hairdressing is a skill that can open so many doors and opportunities and we will support you every step of the way.

10. More than just hairdressing skills

You will learn lots of transferable skills during your time completing your apprenticeship.  Firstly, you will become a very good listener and communicator with your clients.  Secondly, your confidence will grow, and you will provide clients with support through their good and bad days.  And you will always manage your time well, planning in your busy schedule, whilst also being able to identify how to market your services and stretch your budget to ensure you make the most money you can for your salon.

Remember there is no such thing as ONLY a HAIRDRESSER!

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