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Vickie Gates-Lundon Beauty Therapist

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Following a car crash in 2005 Vickie Gates-Lundon had to take a break from her successful acting career. By 2010 acting work had dried up. And the time had come for Vickie to forge a new career for herself.

Time for a career change

Working on a beauty counter in between acting jobs Vickie’s beauty journey began. A college course and some short intense privately funded courses led Vickie to Urban Calm. Working predominately as a Lash Technician with brow treatments, manicure and waxing part of her widening skill set.

More than 10 years on Vickie still works at Urban calm part time today. But Vickie always had dreams to open her own salon and further expand her ever growing entourage of beauty skills.

In 2018 Vickie had saved enough money to attend a microblading course. By October 2019 Vickie had reduced her hours at Urban Calm. Opening her own beauty room The Lundon Beauty Club in a Wirral based salon.

Adult Education Budget

Vickie was enthusiastic to learn more and had a hunger for expanding her business further. Liverpool City Region Adult Education Budget allowed her to do this. Qualifying for funding under the low wage pilot. Vickie joined Mode in January 2020.

Vickie initially attended a funded Million Dollar facial course. On successful completion she was excited to introduce products and facials learnt on the course at The Lundon Beauty Club.  Unfortunately, along came the pandemic and the beauty industry went into lockdown for more than 4 months. Vickie used this time effectively and carried on educating herself.

Mode Introduction to Hair course delivered via Zoom was her next step.  All participants were provided with a mannequin head and styling kit to practise.  With another skill mastered and under her belt the next step for Vickie was to update her make up skills.

With the country in and out of lockdown. Mode Start Blend Liverpool course in conjunction with P Louise Make Up Academy was the perfect next step. Outstanding content videos and sessions online ensured her skills fast tracked.  Bringing her up to date with all the new trends and methods taught.

 “Before I do” bridal package

Vickie has always had a love of everything bridal, with event décor, beauty, makeup, weddings, dresses, people’s bridal stories and adventures.

Speaking to clients and conducting extensive research Vickie identified a gap in the market for bridal beauty.  “Before I do” was born with packages available including facials, waxing, brows and lashes in preparation for the big day.

AEB funding has enabled Vickie to strengthen her offer further. Ideally placing her business, ready for the predicted surge in weddings following the re opening of the country in 2021.

Vickie perfected her hairdressing and make up skills. Her new and updated skills add an additional layer to her bridal offer.  Not only can Vickie perfect brides look leading up to the big day.  She now also has the skills to do the hair and make up for the whole bridal party.  Ensuring everyone looks radiant on the day.


Vickie still works part time at Urban Calm. She is extremely grateful to her employers for the support they have provided throughout her journey.

Despite the impact of Covid on the beauty industry she is optimistic for the future. Saying “My advice is learning as much as you can. No amount of learning is ever wasted. It helps you to see the future, see trends, see possibilities. And like me, 10 years on, everything will begin to finally slot in to place. I am so grateful for the support of Mode and my employer. After putting in a huge amount of effort I have firmly found my place at the beauty table”

Michael Flood Hair tutor at Mode said “Vickie is a focused, enthusiastic adult learner. During lockdown she took the opportunity to further develop her skills. This has ensured her business is well placed for whatever the future holds. It was an absolute pleasure to teach her.”

If you would like more information on Mode adult learning courses you can call our recruitment team on 0151 709 4640 or e mail