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Sarah Reddie Hairdressing Apprentice

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2 Years ago, Sarah Reddie arrived at Mode as a shy 16-year-old with dreams of becoming a hairdresser.

Study Programme

Following her interview it was agreed the best programme would be a study programme. Study programmes consist of 3 days per week attendance at Mode. Followed by work experience for up to 6 months.

Study programmes are designed to provide students with a stepping stone from school into work. Most importantly the programme would enable Sarah to gain basic hairdressing skills and improve her confidence.

Model student

Sarah was a model student throughout her study programme. Always attending on time for her lessons and showing true commitment to her studies.   A key element of a study programme is work experience. Ensuring students can put skills learnt into practice in a real working environment.

Michael Flood Hair Curriculum Lead said “Sarah was keen to progress into an apprenticeship.  Sarah is a shy quiet girl. But, this has never stopped her from practising hard in the training salon at Mode. As her skills improved, the only way to build her confidence was to find her a suitable salon to support her progression.”

Ashley and Sarah bonded instantly

Ashley Mc Connell a hairdresser based at The Secret Warehouse was building her business and agreed to take Sarah on a traineeship. Initially, this was to help her out with shampooing and basic duties in the salon.  Ashley and Sarah bonded as a team almost instantly. Whilst on her traineeship Sarah would observe Ashley picking up hints and tips. Always keen to prove herself. Sarah would tell Michael how much she would love to be employed in the salon as an apprentice.

Apprenticeship in hairdressing

Over the coming months a plan was agreed with Mode and Ashley which saw Sarah progress into employment as an apprentice. In April 2019 Sarah started her Level 2 City and Guilds Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard.  As part of her apprenticeship Sarah is employed by Ashley for 4 days per week. Attending off the job training at Mode one day per week.

Sarah says “I am so lucky with Louisa as my teacher and working for Ashley. I have learnt so much, from only being able to shampoo a year ago I now have my own column with my own clients. Doing blow dries, hair ups, full head tints, full head quasi and I am practising my cuts and foils.  I can’t thank Ashley and everyone at Mode enough  for helping me through my apprenticeship.”

Ashley’s commitment to Sarah’s development is a joy to see 

Louisa Fay Hairdressing Tutor added “As a tutor there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a young person grow and develop with their employer.  Sarah’s development is always a priority with Ashley investing time and effort into her development.”

Ashley’s commitment doesn’t end there, she is enrolling onto Mode assessing vocational achievement course.  The course will provide Ashley with the skills to deliver private training courses in the salon.  And prepare her to assist Sarah to pass her End Point Assessment exam in Spring 2021.