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By Liam’s own admission secondary school in Garston Liverpool was tough for him. At the age of 14 Liam arrived at Mode and the journey to who he is today began.

Flamboyant and confident

As a flamboyant male who loved to dress up and entertain, Mode hairdressing was a perfect place for him.  A place he could be himself in a safe environment, a place his confidence could grow, and his creative talents could develop.

“Mode came at a great time for me”

Liam explains “Mode came at a great time for me, I didn’t know where to place myself in secondary school. Bullied due to my flamboyancy, it was clear my place was with LGBTQ+ community.

At Mode I trained as a hairdresser. The staff and other pupils I met at the college really helped me gain confidence. Finally, I could express who Liam Halewood was and not what was expected of me, in a tough mixed secondary school”

Level 2 in hairdressing 

Liam was always creative with the hairstyles he created. It came as no surprise to Mode staff he has  forged a successful career in the entertainment industry.  Liam achieved Level 2 in Hairdressing  showcasing  his ability to create amazing hairstyles and make up. Hair and make up skills which where soon to become really useful.

Appearing on countless TV shows

At the age of 18 Liam got his first break as a drag queen in The Masquerade.  Miss Liberty, Libby, Trashy M where born. Liam finally had the opportunity to be himself.  Boy George and Alan Carr tribute acts soon followed.

Liam has appeared on countless TV shows including The X Factor, The Weakest Link and Body Fixers.  He has travelled the globe as a singer/entertainer and performing his Boy George tribute act.  Living in Blackpool Liam performs all over the country. Liam has never forgotten his time at Mode adding “I couldn’t of wished to be in a better place than Mode to help me along, living my dreams out”

Mode Director Debbie Carney said “After all these years to hear former Mode students still value the impact we had on their life is something really special.  We all wish Liam continued success”

James Bulger Memorial Trust proud Ambassador

Liam is also a proud ambassador for The James Bulger Memorial Trust, and loves nothing more than raising money in memory of Liverpool’s Angel James.  Money raised funds The James Bulger Lodge at Ribby Hall.  A sanctuary for families who need a break away.

You can follow Liam’s journey on his social media Liam Halewood