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Tom Laird Music Producer

You could be forgiven for thinking Tom was older than his years. Arriving at Mode just 2 years ago as a quiet 16-year-old straight from Maricourt High School in Maghull.

Passion and drive from a young age

Destined for a career in the music industry, Tom grew up with music all around him. His dad Andy was a DJ at the famous Paradox nightclub in the nineties. Tom has the ability to play a wide range of music including disco, techno, funk and 90’s house. He attributes this to his dad’s love of music.

Tutor recognition and support

Tom’s passion and love for music was evident from day one at Mode.  Tutor Mike Chatterton said “Tom would always apply knowledge learnt immediately, his progress was instant.”

Tutor Les Calvert adds “Tom is a talented music producer, he improved with every session and was always eager to learn new skills. It is an absolute pleasure to continue to support Tom with our weekly chats.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching a student grow as a recording artist.”

Music Technology Level 2

Since completing his Music Technology Level 2 BTec in September 2019. Tom has gone on to achieve more than most music producers do in decades.  He has DJ’d at various bars across Liverpool including Kukoo, Haus and Garlands (Brickworks) to name a few. Last summer he played at the legendary Sin Sundays at Ocean Club in Ibiza and recently his music was played on BBC Introducing.

Career highlights

One of the highlights of Tom’s career so far was last summer when production duo Solardo played one of his tracks “Into the Darkness” at Tomorrowland music festival in Belguim.  To top it all, Tom has recently signed a record deal with Stress Records.  His first track will be released later this month.

“Getting your name out there”

When asked what he had learnt at Mode to support his journey Tom said “ The confidence I now have, not just with my skills but knowing how to get my name out there and the links all the tutors have to the music industry.”

You can continue to  follow Tom’s journey on his Instagram account AtmosMusic.

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